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About us

Sweet Juliet Wedding Agency - is more, than love… 

It is a whole world rich of sensitive and unpredictable stories of two separate parts of one whole meeting each other. Here the dream comes true, erasing limits and letting the emotions free. 

We create light, sincere and special weddings of inimitable atmosphere for more than 6 years. 

Why are we different from others? 

While creating the most important day of your lives, we are led not by the mind, but by the emotions born in our hearts!!! 

How our cooperation will look like?

- You e-mail or call us;


- Next day we send you a presentation of how your wedding may look like, as well as a budget estimate;


- You make a decision, after what the agreement is signed;


- We start your wedding preparations;


- You enjoy the unforgettable event. 


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We are proud of our many awards and distinctions. However, our favourite reward is the gratitude of the newlyweds and their parents.

I have known my husband for years, childhood friendship grew into love. Our love story is more than just interesting. Over the years not only did we manage to form a perfect relationship, have two children, build a house but also created a big family business. While holidaymaking in the Dominican Republic, my husband surprised me by asking me to get married in a church and to organise a beautiful wedding. It was my dream! I recall these moments with admiration. On one hand I was overwhelmed with happiness, on the other hand, for the first time in years I had no idea what to begin with. But as they say there's always the Internet. Having gone through many offers, one agency's site caught my eye. It stood out with its number of offers and the guarantee of quality which I found very important. Our first meeting happened via Skype, which never discouraged me, quite the contrary, it proved my choice to be right. We had many obligations towards our guests and children, that is why the main task for Sweet Juliet was to create a real family holiday, comfortable and full of warmth and love, and at the same time joyful, grand and on the highest level. Of course, our children were witnesses at our wedding and it's hard to describe their emotions; everything on that day was pure magic. Despite the small number of guests, the wedding was lavishly organised. We were astonished by the honesty and commitment of people responsible for our wedding. We were  treated in a very special way by our planners. Our wedding became their individual project unlike any other they had ever organised. Working with such people made us feel very comfortable. We were kept up-to-date about every step of the preparations and our questions were always thoroughly answered. We could still make changes and our advisors always welcomed them with a smile. The final result was the most important for us. Girls, you made my dream come true! I never thought I could be happier and yet you made it possible. Thank you so much. We wish your agency to flourish and succeed and for you to derive as much pleasure and satisfaction from your work as possible. ...

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