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About us

Sweet Juliet Wedding Agency - is more, than love… 

It is a whole world rich of sensitive and unpredictable stories of two separate parts of one whole meeting each other. Here the dream comes true, erasing limits and letting the emotions free. 

We create light, sincere and special weddings of inimitable atmosphere for more than 6 years. 

Why are we different from others? 

While creating the most important day of your lives, we are led not by the mind, but by the emotions born in our hearts!!! 

How our cooperation will look like?

- You e-mail or call us;


- Next day we send you a presentation of how your wedding may look like, as well as a budget estimate;


- You make a decision, after what the agreement is signed;


- We start your wedding preparations;


- You enjoy the unforgettable event. 


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We are proud of our many awards and distinctions. However, our favourite reward is the gratitude of the newlyweds and their parents.

We are currently laying in the sun in the Dominican Republic reminiscing about Dad’s look on his face when he heard about the peacocks we had planned for our wedding festivities. I’ve also never laughed as hard as I did during the comedians’ performance during our reception. Ladies, this was unreal!!! When we got engaged, the first thing that came to my mind was, “Please, just not a wedding reception. We will get married in the civil registry, drink champagne with our parents and go on our honeymoon.” I didn’t want a conventional wedding celebration – after all, our relationship is one of a kind. However, our parents persistently repeated that we had to organize a wedding reception, and for this we are incredibly grateful today.  I panicked at the very thought of our wedding reception being the same as any other. Thankfully, my trust-worthy partner was by my side, and although he was a calm person, he surprisingly found a couple of wedding planning agencies on the internet and said, “Decide!” I remember the first meeting with our wedding planner. It was so pleasant. We were assured that everything will be unforgettable on our big day. She understood us from the very beginning and turned our dreams into 100% reality. I’ve never witnessed such a situation, where guests did not want to leave the reception. We also didn’t want this day to end. Everything was so amazing and perfect – even the smallest details! We greatly thank you for this. I’ve never heard so many delightful words as I did during our wedding celebration. Throughout the entire day we were filled with emotions that are still alive in our memories today.  Unforgettable weddings do exist, and they are organized by the wedding planners of Sweet Juliet – of this we are convinced! ...

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